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210 E South Boundary

Perrysburg, OH

Celebrate Sundays 10:00 AM

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Love God, Receive His Love and Give it away

Worship in Community

What to expect. We love to worship..we really do! We love to sing songs to God just like our prayers....worship is one of those special places where even in a crowd you can feel alone with the Father. We dedicate around 30 minutes to this special event on a Sunday. I know that sounds like a long time..but to be in the presence of the One you love...

Sharing Teaching Worship

You will hear us on occasion refer to the "crash" of kingdoms...and you will see rhino images all around. A herd of rhino is called a "crash" since a rhino can run up to 30MPH and only see out about 30 ft.

How does this fit...glad you asked. Jesus went about announcing the kingdom of God was here and demonstrated it by heaing the sick and casting out demons. Our thought is to stay focused on the things Jesus did and run our race with singlemindedness and clarity...take the good news wherever we are!


Taste and see that the LORD is good! Ps 34:8



Prayer Acts 2-42